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Thanks anonymous friend

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 7, 2011, 9:22 AM
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Today I received a beautiful gift from an anonymous friend.

3 months of premium subscription to deviantart.

I do not know who did it to me this wonderful gift, but I hope that Benedict.

Thank you my anonymous friend.

Ps. I'm very happy, because this gift has arrived at the right time, because in a few days I expires.
The premium membership and I can not renew it, because, having lost my job and  not finding another (from 4 months that are out of work) I could not make another Premium Membership.

Sorry for my bad English.
But I hope it is understood that I am very happy for this gift.

Thank you so much:hug:


Icon Contest Open'onlywallpapers'

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 30, 2011, 3:13 PM
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:icononly-wallpapers:        :icononly-wallpapers:       :icononly-wallpapers:

The 2012 Icon Contest is now officially open for submissions!!!

Please read below the following regarding the contest and good luck to everyone.  

The 2nd Annual Icon Contest is now open and will end on December 15, so get your creative juices flowing and create the yearly icon for #only-wallpapers that will be displayed for the entire year of 2012.  


Prize listing will be posted shortly.  There will be points, subscriptions, and features!!

If anyone can donate subs or points, please contact GypsyH by personal note with your donation.


**  Contest is open to all members and it's affiliated members that are also a member of #only-wallpapers

**  Up to 3 entries per member allowed

**  Size is 100 X 50

**  Can not exceed 30 kb for animation entries.

**  Both animated and non-animated icons are allowed.


This years contest will be judged by the Administration Staff and other judges outside of the group who will not be entering this contest.

Once we have the top 10 entries judged, we will then post a poll for you, the members to vote on from the top 10.

The poll will run for one week and then the winner will be announced.

:bulletred:Contest Folder:

The folder that you will submit your icon entry to is NOW open.  Submit to the folder "Contest - Icon 2012"

If you have any questions, contact me, GypsyH via note.  Please do not post your questions here as I may not see them in time.

Now get creative and make a great icon for 2012.

Thank you!

:icongypsyh: GypsyH

               :icononly-wallpapers:         :icononly-wallpapers:         :icononly-wallpapers:


Trojan - Mac OS X-Flashback.C

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 25, 2011, 12:01 PM
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Trojan-Downloader: OSX/Flashback.C poses as a Flash Player installer and connects to a remote host to obtain further installation files and configurations.


Manual Removal Instructions
Note: These instructions only disable the malware. The overwritten XProtectUpdater files are irrecoverable. .

    In Terminal, convert the affected PLIST files to XML:
        plutil -convert xml1 /Applications/
        plutil -convert xml1 /Applications/
    Remove the following entry from the PLIST files:
    Delete the file specified in %malware_path%

Additional Details

Trojan-Downloader: OSX/Flashback.C poses as a Flash Player installer and connects to a remote host to obtain further installation files and configurations.

To complete its installation/infection, Flashback.C requires the user to key in the administrator password.

On installation, the installer first checks if the following file is found in the system:

    /Library/Little Snitch/lsd

Little Snitch is a firewall program for Mac OS X. If the program is found, the installer will skip the rest of its routine and proceed to delete itself.

If the trojan is cleared to proceed, it connects to a remote host, identified as [...] encoded_strings %, with the decoded string following this format:

    % Hardware_UUID % | % machine_architecture % | % kernel_version % | % encoded_md5 %
    The %encoded_md5% is the hash of the following:

As of this writing, the remote host is up but it does not push anything.


Installation files and configuration returned by the host is encrypted using RC4, where the MD5 hash of the Hardware UUID of the infected system is used as the key. The decrypted content follows this format:

    % encoded_payload_filename % | % encoded_payload_content %

The installer drop copies of the payload to the following locations:


A DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES environment variable is also added to the targeted browsers as launch point. This is done by inserting a LSEnvironment entry to the corresponding Info.plist of the browsers.


    The following line is inserted into "/Applications/":

    The following line is inserted to "/Applications/":

The installer then restarts running instances of Safari and Firefox in order to take the payload into effect.

The installer also disables the built-in anti-malware feature in Mac OS X. It unloads the XProtectUpdater daemon, and then wipes out the following files:



Died -Marco simoncelli

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 24, 2011, 2:37 PM
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Tragedy on the track in Sepang, Malaysia.

A terrible accident on lap two, delete the life of Marco Simoncelli,
the Italian driver of 24 years.
Terrible the sequence of the last moments of life Simoncelli: a fall in the second round, the slides on the asphalt.
But the impact loses his helmet and other drivers involved in the accident can not avoid it: Edwards and Valentino Rossi in particular, a great friend of Simoncelli,
end up with the wheels on him. The chilling scene that is presented to viewers on the front of the TV circuit and only a moment later: Simoncelli stays on the ground, lifeless, motionless.
Now the terror is real, the situation appears immediately gravissima.I are immediate relief, but Simoncelli comes into cardiac arrest at the circuit medical center.
On his neck there are obvious signs of the passage of wheels.
And the waiting, the faint hope that gets lost in the silence of the stands, stunned faces of the other riders in the pits, did not last long.

A small tribute to Marco simoncelli, nicknamed by his fans as: 'Sic'

Hello SIC !…


died the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 5, 2011, 8:17 PM
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SAN FRANCISCO - It 'a bare statement of his company, the Apple of Cupertino, which gives the news via the Associated Press: "Steve Jobs is dead." The founder of Apple, the man who "created" twice-the brand symbol of our digital age, the age of 56 has lost the last battle against the pancreatic cancer that had struck a first time in 2004. Jobs had already withdrawn from assignments operating on August 24 had abandoned even the post of president of Apple formally leaving his right arm to Tim Cook. It was the sign that now the hopes for him were slim.

The last public appearance was on 7 June: Surprise Jobs had presented at a meeting of city council of Cupertino (Apple's headquarters in Silicon Valley in California) to present the project of the new corporate campus. After that date he had only circulated photos of American tabloids, perhaps apocryphal: it depicted as a shadow of himself, very thin, ghostly. A ghost from the "showman" who had enchanted the world seducing consumers to universal adoption of the iPod, iTunes, iPhone, iPad. The suffering of his last months of life had even made an impossible hope for reconciliation with father
Abdulfattah Jandal, a Syrian-American who had abandoned him to the adoptive parents, Paul and Clara Jobs of Mountain View (California).

Steve Jobs had said no to that extreme attempt to reunite the biological father, as if suffering the painful experience of his childhood in San Francisco wanted to keep it intact and take it to the end. Disappears, the man who revolutionized the computer, mobile, and promised to do the same with the consumption of news, reading. Under his leadership
Apple, which two decades ago seemed in danger of extinction, has become the first company in the world of hi-tech stock market value, ahead of Google and Microsoft. The adventure begins in 1976 when Jobs founded Apple with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne with. From the beginning, stands out as one of the pioneers of personal computers, but Apple is not in the first phase can become more of a business niche in the face of giants like IBM and Microsoft.

The difficulties pushed Jobs to call at the helm of Apple in 1983, John Sculley, former chief executive of Pepsi Cola. Relations between the two fail early and Jobs left the company in 1985, coinciding with a wave of layoffs. He began his long "journey through the desert," in which Jobs also engages with the Pixar animated film that will be launching later sold to Disney. The return of Jobs to Apple of Cupertino is the end of 1996 when it is called to the rescue of the company that appears almost moribund. And 'in this second phase that Jobs gives you the best of himself in all fields, not only in technological innovation and
product, but also his talent as a guru, communicator and marketer, to become almost the head of a "secular religion" with followers throughout the world. Already in the first phase with the Macintosh (1984) Apple had two separate original qualities: simplicity and modernity of the graphical interface, care for the design of a product like the PC at that time had only image size and functional utilitarian.

These same qualities in return exponentially, "according to Apple" under the guidance of Jobs with inventions like the iPod, iPhone, as well as in the new range of iMac computers. In each of the sectors where it has broken through, Jobs did not invent truly new products: PC existed before him, the smart-phone, the MP3 digital music players as well as the tablet to read e-books and newspapers such as the Kindle. In each of these areas but he has imposed on the trend of major transformations in the way we surf the Internet, listen to music or reading newspapers. He also revolutionized the shopping experience by inventing the Apple Store, venues that today marks the homogenization of global culture from San Francisco to Beijing.


lost icons

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 3, 2011, 5:26 AM
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Hello everyone, I hope you can help me ..
I created a package of icons :thumb259828627:

I took two months to draw them all.
the problem is that I tried to do an upload of 10 other icons in the same package, but without realizing it,
I uploaded the file, but only the image presentation.

The real problem is that I broke the hard disk and no longer have the vector file, much less the package of icons in PNG.

If any of you have downloaded, cancellasi before I can send, or put the download link to me.
Many thanks to those who will help me.


A great gift

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 28, 2011, 4:06 PM
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Today I am very, very happy.

my great and sweet Friend  :hug::iconcandysamuels: :hug:

He painted a portrait for me ..

I want to cry with excitement, thanks, thanks, thanks :heart:

Grazie mille ,mia cara e dolce amica .:hug: :heart:

Thank you so much , my sweet friend . :hug: :heart:


gnome 3 icon theme

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 27, 2011, 5:04 AM
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gnome 3 icon theme

Hello to all my good friends,:D
I wanted to ask if any of you could create an icon theme for gnome with my 3 golden icons.
I've tried, but I can not.
there is some fool willing to help me?
Thank you.:D:heart:


a small gift.

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 25, 2011, 8:58 PM
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Hello everyone. :D

I want to make you all a very small request ......

someone could give me, € 1,000,000.00?

Many thanks to those who do it. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Deviantart is out?

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 25, 2011, 8:24 AM
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Deviantart is out?

a question to everyone ...
you can view pictures on Deviantart?
I tried two different browsers, but the result is always the same.
No picture except the images of flash presentation ....
some of you have my own problems?
I think it's a problem with the server hosting the website ...


Pirate attack website:

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 19, 2011, 5:46 AM
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original message :

"---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: J.H. <>
Date: 2011/8/29
Subject: [ users] [KORG] Master back-end break-in

Hash: SHA1

Afternoon Everyone,

As you can guess from the subject line, I've not had what many would
consider a "good" day.  Earlier today discovered a trojan existing on
HPA's personal colo machine, as well as hera.  Upon some investigation
there are a couple of boxes, specifically hera and odin1,
with potential pre-cursors on demeter2, zeus1 and zeus2, that have been
hit by this.

As it stands right now, HPA is working on cleaning his box, and
I'm working on hera (odin1 and zeus1 are out of rotation still for other
reasons), mainly so that if one of us finds something of interest, we
can deal with it and compare notes on the other box.

Points of interest:

- - Break-in seems to have initially occurred no later than August 12th

- - Files belonging to ssh (openssh, openssh-server and openssh-clients)
were modified and running live.  These have been uninstalled and
removed, all processes were killed and known good copies were
reinstalled.  That said all users may wish to consider taking this
opportunity to change their passwords and update ssh keys (particularly
if you had an ssh private key on hera).  This seems to have occurred on
or around August 19th.

- - A trojan startup file was added to rc3.d

- - User interactions were logged, as well as some exploit code.  We have
retained this for now.

- - Trojan initially discovered due to the Xnest /dev/mem error message
w/o Xnest installed; have been seen on other systems.  It is unclear if
systems that exhibit this message are susceptible, compromised or not.
If you see this, and you don't have Xnest installed, please investigate.

- - It *appears* that 3.1-rc2 might have blocked the exploit injector, we
don't know if this is intentional or a side affect of another bugfix or

- - System is being verified from backups, signatures, etc.  As of right
now things look correct, however we may take the system down soon to do
a full reinstall and for more invasive checking.

- - As a precaution a number of packages have been removed from the
system, if something was removed that you were using please let us know
so we can put it back.

- - At this time we do not know the vector that was used to get into the
systems, but the attackers had gained root access level privileges.

That's what we know right now, some of the recent instabilities may have
been caused by these intrusions, and we are looking into everything.

If you are on the box, keep an eye out, and if you see something please
let us know immediately.

Beyond that, verify your git trees and make sure things are correct.

- - John 'Warthog9' Hawley
Chief Administrator
Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux)
Comment: Using GnuPG with Fedora -



Carbyn: the first operating system based on HTML5

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 16, 2011, 4:47 PM
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There is accessed as on any other website ... but it is an operating system.

A Canadian company has launched the first "operating system" on-line (very rudimentary)
based on HTML5, called Carbyn.

Unlike Chrome OS that requires installation, Carbyn, works on any browser
(with support for HTML 5) and then also on tablets and smartphones.

Once started, you can run any application
. The company has published a "wrapper" that allows existing applications to adapt to the system.
  There is also an SDK for building applications.

5 employees are currently working on the project and have yet to get the funding, but the idea seems interesting.

'We'll get to the point of having to install only a browser on your PC?
  We'll see how it turns out ...

Carbyn Project


New friend request

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 11, 2011, 4:31 AM
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Hello everyone, my friends.:D

If you see that I have requested for the second time, the friendship of deviantart ...

do not think I've gone crazy ....

I just put some order in my folders "friends and groups."

Thank you for understanding.:hug:



Journal Entry: Mon Jul 11, 2011, 11:10 AM
You may be asking that they link the terms of the title of this post is ok, we all know that NASA has sent into orbit by Atlantis a nexus of S for the last mission STS-135 shuttle program, but make yourself comfortable, to tell you a history.

We are in 1991, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Professor David Miller comes into class and show her students the movie Star Wars, not a bad first day of the course, until they reach the scene where Luke Skywalker has an argument with a flying droid them the film is stopped and the professor turns to their students saying "I want you to build it one of these." and so it was.

Students of the course thanks to the collaboration of the Department of Defense and NASA built satellites flying 5 the size of a volleyball ball, called Synchronized Position Hold, Engage, Reorient, Experimental Satellites (SPHERES), three of which are on the International Space Station since 2006.

Close up of the three SPHERES satellites flying undisturbed inside the ISS.

Each satellite has SPHERE inside all the necessary power, propulsion, navigation equipment for computerized analysis, all independent, but the potential of the Spheres could not be imagined from the beginning, and then students at MIT with them Port Expansion Power equip satellites, additional equipment and accessories, as in fact, a Nexus S.

The use of an Android smartphone is the result of research to make the Spheres controllable remotely, initially this type of satellites were built for different purposes, and to make them remotely controllable it was necessary to introduce an additional control module.

"Connecting an Android smartphone can make smarter Spheres immediately. Now they have a room to take photos and shoot movies, sensors to help them conduct inspections, a very powerful computer unit and a Wi-Fi radio we will use to transmit data in real time to the ISS and Mission Control. "These are the words of DW Wheeler, chief engineer of the department Intelligent Robotics Group at Ames Research Center.

The Samsung Nexus S thus becomes the first commercial smartphone officially certified by NASA to fly aboard the space shuttle and International Space Station be used.

The point force (pun never been more appropriate) of this device is, needless to say, the availability of Android - or rather the availability of the Android source code - software that allows engineers to customize the NASA as a computer Compact, low-cost and low power consumption.

"And Because The platform is open source, we anticipated the public That Will Be Able to Develop Software That Can Android be used in our experiments."

These are the words of Mark Micire, software engineer at the Intelligent Robotics Group at NASA.

From 2006 to now have been conducted over 25 experiments with the Spheres, for example, to develop new techniques for automatic docking, or for assembling and repair of artificial satellites. All these algorithms using pre-programmed flight plans and well-organized the first mission.

With the help of Android can now remotely control instead of the Spheres, or directly from the ISS to Earth from mission control, to ensure more time for astronauts to conduct experiments on the ISS, leaving the routine for the daily maintenance of the station the Spheres.

Two of the first experiments to be conducted with the new Android-Spheres will be provided with the simulation of a remote inspection inside the Space Station to see how the satellites will be capable of storage to the data through the room and the microphone of smartphones, the second concerns The interviews are normally conducted using two astronauts: the interviewee and the "cameraman" holding the camera, and now there will only be interviewed and the camera will be a remotely controlled from Earth Spheres.

  • Mood: Wow!

Invitations Google+

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 10, 2011, 12:07 AM
Invitations  Google+
Google+ by ilnanny
if someone wants to get into Google + and it fails, because the service still works only on calls ...
Send me an email and I will try to invite everyone.
Google+ by ilnanny

July Features + 1,000 Members Update

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 5, 2011, 4:34 PM
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The July features are up! You may see this feature in the FEATURED folder or on the home page in the slide show.

Update on 1,000 Members -

:iconilnanny: and :icongypsyh:  were talking about how close we are to 1,000 members.

We presently have 901 members and 1,040watchers!!!!  July 4 - 2011

Our goal is to reach 1,000 members.  So we ask for you to invite your friends if they are not a member and lets try to reach 1,000 by end of summer!  

The person that invites the the 1,000th member will get a months premium subscription and 100 points!!  

But, you have to have a screen shot of the 1,000th member!  That you have invited through our invite system here in the group.  That way I can keep track of who was invited by whom.

Send the screenshot of the 1,000th member to GypsyH and it will be verified for accuracy.

If you are presently a watcher and make wallpapers, PLEASE change your role to member.  

This is a great group and we are getting bigger and bigger.  

Thanks to all of you for making this group so great!!!  You are the best!!

Gypsy and Cristian

css by : :iconilnanny:

Create a custom theme for Google Chrome

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 3, 2011, 1:54 PM
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Google Chrome is becoming increasingly popular among internet users because of its speed and ease of use. The ability to also change the background theme of this browser, a bit 'as it does in Firefox with Personas allows anyone to have a custom graphic as possible for your tastes. But how do you create a custom theme to 100%?
Rained in the network services to create custom themes to download and install on your Chrome, but I want to talk today among many of, a site that does not require registration and permits from the outset to perform all the changes you deem appropriate.
The beauty of the site is that really allows you to change any aspect of the topic, starting from the image background when you open a new tab, the color of the text in the bookmarks bar, the color of the navigation icons at the border ...
Here's an example created byTooPredictable

New Ubuntu theme for Chrome by TooPredictable

First, you need to name the issue that goes to create and any description, then with a little 'patience you can edit all entries, choosing whether to include a color "solid" or a picture. Colors can be selected by clicking on the hex code and clicking on the bookmark that appears in the spectrum of colors, then if you want to use the same color theme to other parts of the code just copy and paste the desired items.

This free service is in English, so sometimes we must experiment with colors or images to see where they appear in the preview that appears on the right. Overall I found the service very well made and above all very complete, even for a novice might not be too immediate. the site you can also find this page a huge number of themes created by users and uploaded to be downloaded and shared for free. In this way you can also draw inspiration for your custom themes, or use already made!



Google Chrome sta prendendo sempre più piede fra gli internauti a causa della sua velocità e semplicità d’uso. La possibilità di cambiare anche il tema di sfondo di questo browser, un po’ come avviene in Firefox con Personas permette a tutti di avere una grafica il più possibile personalizzata per i propri gusti. Ma come fare a creare un tema personalizzato al 100%?
In rete fioccano i servizi per creare temi personalizzati da scaricare e installare sul proprio Chrome, ma fra i tanti oggi voglio parlarvi di, un sito che non richiede registrazione e permette fin da subito di eseguire tutte le modifiche che si ritiene opportune.
Il bello del sito è che permette di modificare davvero qualsiasi aspetto del tema, partendo dall’immagine di sfondo quando si apre una nuova scheda, al colore del testo nella barra dei Preferiti, al colore delle icone di navigazione, al contorno…

Innanzitutto occorre dare un nome al tema che si va a creare e un eventuale descrizione, poi con un po’ di pazienza si possono modificare tutte le voci, scegliendo se inserire un colore “tinta unita” oppure un immagine. I colori possono essere scelti cliccando sul codice esadecimale e cliccando sul preferito nello spettro di colori che compare, se poi si vuole usare lo stesso colore per altre parti del tema basta copiare il codice e incollarlo alle voci desiderate.

Questo servizio gratuito è in lingua inglese, per cui alcune volte bisognerà sperimentare i colori o le immagini per vedere dove compaiono all’interno dell’anteprima che compare sulla destra. Nel complesso l’ho trovato un servizio molto ben fatto e soprattutto molto completo, anche se per un neofita potrebbe essere non troppo immediato. Nel sito è possibile anche trovare a questa pagina : un numero enorme di temi creati dagli utenti e caricati per essere scaricati e condivisi gratuitamente. In questo modo è possibile anche trarre ispirazione per i propri temi personalizzati, o usarne di già fatti!

CSS made by ilnanny


Journal Entry: Wed Jun 1, 2011, 4:01 PM
June 2

Italian Republic Day

France celebrates the July 14 Bastille Day, the U.S. July 4 Independence Day; for Italy's National Day arrives June 2.
On this day we remember the institutional referendum of 2 and 3 June 1946 by which the Italians were asked to choose the future form of government in the monarchic-Republican ballot.
The Monarchy received preferences 10,719,284, with 12,717,923 votes in favor of the Italian Republic was born!
Suffered the Republican victory, which won the Centre-North a good 63%, while the South won the monarchy with 67% of the vote.
A vote of Ravenna, the city's most Republican (91.2%) contrasted with the 85, 4% of monarchical Messina.
However, on a national scale led to the defeat of royalist exile of the ruling House of Savoy, who returned to Italy only in 2003 after 57 years of exile.
Important to add that on this occasion there was the first election by universal suffrage Italian-true: at last, the women went to the polls.
In June 1948 the Roman Forum in Rome is the military parade held in honor of the Republic.
In 1961, centennial, the celebrations were held in Turin and Florence, the first capital of united Italy.
Even today, the Feast of the Republic provides for the laying of a wreath at the Unknown Soldier at the Altare della Patria in Rome (Vittoriano)
and a military parade of the Roman Forum in the presence of the highest offices of State
In the afternoon they are open to the public gardens of the Quirinale Palace, seat of the Presidency of the Italian Republic.
The day of the June 2 has recently also become a National Day of Sp
The Republic Day is an opportunity to revisit the symbols of our country.
The emblem of the Republic, for example, consists of three elements: the star, the sprocket, and an olive branch of an oak tree on the left and right.
The star has always been an emblem of Italy, already in the iconography of the Renaissance. The star symbol indicates among other things belonging to the Armed Forces of our country.
The steel gear is the symbol of work and translates the first article of the Constitution: "Italy is a democratic republic founded on work."
We come to the twigs, which rarely lends itself attenzione.Sono two different appearances tree nostrane.Il olive branch symbolizes the desire for peace in the nation, both domestically and internationally, while the oak tree embodies the strength and dignity of the Italian people.
Tricolore, just remember that, as the national flag, was born in Reggio Emilia, Jan. 7, 1797, as part of the Republic Cispadana.
The three vertical bands style is inspired by the French republican model of 1790.
Just the flags of the regiments of the Legion Lombarda that Napoleon's troops had flanked the white, red and green, with strong regional roots: white and red, are in the municipal coat of arms of Milan (red cross on white), while green was the color of the uniforms of Milan Civic Guard.
Under the Kingdom of Italy was added in the arms of a white crown.
or coat of arms, but this time the Republic, but the banner stands designed for the President of the Republic.




Festa della Repubblica Italiana

La Francia festeggia il 14 luglio la Presa della Bastiglia, gli Stati Uniti il 4 luglio l’Independence Day; per l’Italia la Festa Nazionale arriva il 2 giugno.
In questa data si ricorda il referendum istituzionale del 2 e 3 giugno 1946 con il quale gli italiani furono chiamati a scegliere la futura forma di governo, nel ballottaggio monarchico-repubblicano.
La Monarchia ricevette 10.719.284 preferenze; con 12.717.923 voti a favore era nata la Repubblica Italiana!
Sofferta la vittoria repubblicana, che ottenne al Centro-Nord un buon 63%, mentre al Sud vinse la Monarchia con il 67% dei voti.
Al voto di Ravenna, la città più repubblicana (91,2%) si contrapponeva l’85,4% monarchico di Messina.
Comunque su scala nazionale la sconfitta monarchica provocò l’esilio dei regnanti di Casa Savoia, che sono tornati in Italia solo nel 2003, dopo 57 anni d’esilio.
Importante aggiungere che per l’occasione si ebbe la prima tornata elettorale italiana a vero suffragio universale: finalmente anche le donne andarono alle urne.
Nel giugno 1948 ai Fori Imperiali di Roma si svolse la parata militare in onore della Repubblica.
Nel 1961, centenario dell’Unità, le celebrazioni si svolsero anche a Torino e Firenze, prime capitali dell’Italia unita.
Tutt’oggi la Festa della Repubblica prevede la deposizione di una corona d'alloro al Milite Ignoto presso l’Altare della Patria a Roma (il Vittoriano)
e una parata militare ai Fori Imperiali alla presenza delle più alte cariche dello Stato
Nel pomeriggio vengono aperti al pubblico i giardini del Palazzo del Quirinale, sede della Presidenza della Repubblica Italiana.
La giornata del 2 giugno di recente è diventata anche Giornata Nazionale dello Sp.
La Festa della Repubblica è l’occasione per rivisitare i simboli della nostra Patria.
Lo stemma della Repubblica, ad esempio, è formato da tre elementi: la stella, la ruota dentata, un ramo di ulivo a sinistra e uno di quercia a destra.
La stella è da sempre uno degli emblemi d’Italia, già nell’iconografia del Rinascimento. Il simbolo della stella indica tra l’altro l’appartenenza alle Forze Armate del nostro Paese.
La ruota dentata d’acciaio è il simbolo dell’attività lavorativa e traduce il primo articolo della Carta Costituzionale: “L’Italia è una Repubblica democratica fondata sul lavoro”.
Arriviamo ai ramoscelli, ai quali raramente si presta attenzione.Sono due differenti presenze arboree nostrane.Il ramo di ulivo simboleggia la volontà di pace della nazione, sia interna che internazionale, mentre la quercia incarna la forza e la dignità del popolo italiano.
Del Tricolore, bisogna ricordare che, come bandiera nazionale, nasce a Reggio Emilia il 7 gennaio 1797, nell’ambito della Repubblica Cispadana.
La foggia a tre fasce verticali si ispira al modello repubblicano francese del 1790.
Proprio i vessilli dei reggimenti della Legione Lombarda che affiancavano le truppe napoleoniche presentavano i colori bianco, rosso e verde, di forte radice regionale: il bianco e il rosso, sono nello stemma comunale di Milano (croce rossa su campo bianco), mentre verde era il colore delle uniformi della Guardia civica milanese.
Sotto il Regno d’Italia si aggiunse in campo bianco lo stemma della corona reale.
o stemma, ma questa volta della Repubblica, campeggia invece nel vessillo ideato per il Presidente della Repubblica.

A Three Second Breath

Journal Entry: Thu May 19, 2011, 6:16 PM
Sometimes I see,
there's nothin' good
for me
in a world with a big indifference

I cry
And I ask myself why
is changing
'cause of our mistakes


Too much bread
In our bags
much blood
Baby in our legs
Too much
In our life
A child is dead
me why!

Too much death
In our fears
much hunger
Baby in our tears
Too much
In our teeth
You might only live
a second

Sometimes I've heard
burnin' flight of a bird
Hangin' all
Feelin' sorry for Himself just
like a blessed killin' child

I cry
And I ask my God why
could not sing,and drink,and make love
All the time
And there's

much bread
In our bags
Too much blood

Baby in our legs
Too much greed

our life
A child is dead
Tell me why!

would just like to hold your hand
I would just like to sing a song
for you baby
Everytime ……………..
please hold my hand now
But tell me
On the other side
A thousand children

And there's

Too much bread

In our bags
Too much blood
Baby in
our legs
Too much greed
In our life
child is dead
Tell me why!

""text of the homonymous song, the singer Raphael Gualazzi.
I love it""

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Personas Rotator (Firefox)

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 20, 2010, 4:08 PM
As some fans of Mozilla Firefox users will have noticed, since the release of the latest version of the much loved web browser, has been included by default, to a greater and easier customization experience, the famous Personas add-on, thanks to which each user is enabled to choose and apply one of the many beautiful themes and made available through the special online gallery.

Obviously, each user tends to choose the one that looks like the subject more interesting for themselves, but, considering the vast range available and attractive, it could happen that the person concerned should not fall solely and exclusively on a single resource.

This is, therefore, means that it's up to ourselves to choose the theme that we like giving up, inevitably, to the other, provided that it is decided to use a suitable extension for your web browser in question by which, in just a few clicks and setting the appropriate settings, you can cope optimally with a situation of this type.

The add-on in question is Personas Rotator, a completely free tool that, when installed in Firefox, as it is easy to deduce from the name of the extension, will result in a periodically change the theme to Firefox Personas applied similarly to For example, you can do with all those applications that allow you to rotate your desktop wallpaper.

The operation of Personas Rotator is quite simple because, once installed, in order to use it optimally will not have to do is open your own control panel add-and then set the category of topics that will be included in the rotation (unfortunately you can not choose different themes to be applied individually) and the relevant time period after which they will have to change the subject.

At this point will be sufficient to confirm everything so that you can apply to our beloved Firefox looks different every time.

Remember that in order to work properly Personas Rotator, it will be necessary and indispensable to install the add-on Personas Plus by which to change the background of the toolbar directly from the browser's Tools menu. :D

Personas Rotator…

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